Do you know that the  use of certain Colors in your office can either dampen or brighten up your mood…

Reduce or increase your productiivity…

Or Infact, affect your behavior in general?

No, I am not just telling you.

It was proven scientifically by Angela Wright, an expert on colors.

Using a navy blue  colured housefly and a yellow strip coloured fly.

You see the way you react normally to a Navy coloured fly and jump rat the sight of a yellow striped fly?

Same way you would react if you walked into an office painted with these Colors.

All hyped up and ready to deliver your best.

Same will happen with the Colors below.


 Blue represents trust, logic, communication, and efficiency.

It is always perfect whenever you require focus and mental strain.


Red is a physical color.

 It represents courage, strength, and excitement.

 It’s an amazing color to use in areas of the workplace that demand physical exertion.


This is an emotional color.

 It stimulates positivity, creativity and happiness.


Green is a great color to use anytime a sense of balance is top priority.

That is why it is  commonly found in medical offices.


Purple is often associated with  luxury and should be used carefully

As too much or a wrong tone can have an opposite effect.


Grey always gives a sleek neutral feeling to an  office.

There, you got them! 🤗

That’s not all…

Just as Orange would blend with red and yellow to create a sense of comfort.

 And is often associated with food and warmth, making it a natural choice in kitchens.

Or a fun color, making it an option for a casual office lounge when used appropriately…

A mixture of 2 or 3 of the  six colors listed above will also create an amazing surge of energy when mixed appropriately.

Interested in knowing what colur would bring out that level of energy you would always want maintain at your office?

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